Watch Istanbul from the Terrace of the Süleymaniye Mosque

Watch Istanbul from the Terrace of the Süleymaniye Mosque

The Süleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque located on one of İstanbul’s seven hills. It is the second largest mosque in İstanbul, and one of the best-known landmarks of Istanbul. The Süleymaniye Mosque was built on the order of Sultan Süleyman (Süleyman the Magnificent). The mosque and its surrounding buildings were designed by Mimar Sinan (Sinan the Architect) who was the chief architect of three Ottoman Sultans including the Sultan Süleyman. Sinan had completed the Süleymaniye Mosque complex at the age of 70. This building, facing the Golden Horn, and built in the name of Süleyman the Magnificent, is one of the symbolic monuments of the period.

The main dome of the Süleymaniye Mosque is 53 meters (174 feet) high and it has a diameter of 27.5 meters (90.2 feet). At the time it was built, the dome was the highest in the Ottoman Empire, when measured from sea level, but still lower from its base and smaller in diameter than that of Hagia Sophia. In the garden behind the main mosque there are two mausoleums including the tombs of Sultan Suleiman I, his wife Hurrem Sultan (Roxelana) and their daughter Mihrimah Sultan. Just outside the mosque walls to the north is where the tomb of Sinan the Architect.

Visiting Information:

Since the Süleymaniye Mosque still serves as a place of worship, it’s open for prayers and visitors for seven days a week. Pray at the mosque happens five times a day with the first call to prayer at sunrise and the last one at nightfall. Avoid visiting a mosque at pray time (Especially Midday praying on Friday) or within a half hour after the call for prayer is chanted from the Mosque minarets. Visitors do not have pay a fee to enter the Mosque. However, visitors are requested to follow the dress code of the mosque.

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