How to Reach Istanbul Airport?

Aerial photo of the new Istanbul Airport

As of 6 April 2019, 02:00 Atatürk Airport will be closed to scheduled flights after the take-off of the Turkish Airlines last scheduled flight to Singapore. The new Istanbul Airport will start its operations for all scheduled flights by 6 April 2019 at 14:00.

After the completion of the moving process, all domestic and foreign airlines will start to serve their passengers at Istanbul Airport at full capacity starting from Sunday, April 7. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Istanbul soon and don’t want to find yourself in a difficult situation, you should learn about getting to and from the new Istanbul Airport. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.

1) HAVAIST Shuttle Buses

Havaist Shuttle bus to new Istanbul Airport

Havaist is a new shuttle bus service provided by Municipality of Istanbul that will transfer passengers from Istanbul Airport to certain points in the city.

The services provided in Havaist are designed on the basis of passenger comfort; with a large distance between the seats, adjustable headrests and a high ceiling interior. Havaist uses 2018 model Euro6 buses with 46 seats. Each shuttle bus features TV screen and USB support on every seat. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available in Havaist shuttles which makes your transfer to/from airport a lot more convenient.

To find out more information about Havaist Shuttle schedules, trip fares and locations of the stops,you may follow the links below to reach official website of the Havaist.

2) Public Bus

Public bus going to the new Istanbul Airport

IETT public buses, which is a subsidiary of the Municipality of Istanbul, will also provide public bus service to and from the new Istanbul Airport. IETT bus lines H2, H3, H4 will provide the public bus service to the new Istanbul Airport in addition to the Havaist Shuttle buses. It is not as comfortable as the Havaist Shuttle service but it is cheaper alternative to it. To find out more information about the H2, H3 and H4 bus lines, please follow the links below:

3) Private Car

Istanbul Airport car parking area

Istanbul Airport is accessible by car and 18,000 vehicle capacity, multi-storey car park is available at the airport. Whether you are staying at the European or Asian side of the city, you can reach to the airport by using highways. You can see the map location of the Istanbul Airport and follow the link below to check out the route alternatives generated by the airport operator İGA.

4) Taxi

Bmw i3 Electric Taxi at Istanbul Airport

Taxi service will be provided at the Istanbul Airport 7 days a week. Within this scope, vehicles in 3 different segments will operate, black color E Segment, blue color D segment and orange color C segment taxis will carry passengers to and from the airport

Passengers wishing to use the taxi service will be able to find separately located main taxi stops in the International and Domestic Passenger Arrival sections of the Plaza Area. In addition, passengers can also use the taxi vehicles on the departure floor and other arrival floors.

Taxi is probably the most expensive transportation option to reach the new Istanbul airport. Although the taxi fare might change depending on the traffic and the route, approximate taxi fares for some of the central locations are as follows:

Taksim Square: 52,9 kilometers (130~140 TL)

Beşiktaş: 53,9 kilometers (130~140 TL)

Kadıköy: 64,8 kilometers (140~150 TL)

Sultanahmet: 63 kilometers (140~150 TL)

5) Metro (Coming Soon)

Metro lines which will connect the city center and the new Istanbul Airport are still under construction. Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport metro is planned to start operating at the end of 2019. Also, Halkalı – Istanbul Airport metro line with 6 stations and 27 km length will be ready at the end of 2020.


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